About the instructor

Daniel O. Adams is a professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah.  He chairs the Mechanics Division within Mechanical Engineering and is the director of both the Composite Mechanics Laboratory and the Structural Integrity Laboratory within the department.  Professor Adams has 33 years of experience in the field of Composite Materials, and has published over 110 technical papers in archival journals and conference proceedings.  He has recently developed a “Composites Test Methods” module for the FAA Composites Certificate Training Program, and has presented tutorials on “Test Methods for Composites” and “Design and Analysis of Composites” for SAMPE.  Currently, he chairs both the Testing Committee of the Composite Materials Handbook (CMH-17) and the Research and Mechanics Division of ASTM Committee D30 on Composite Materials.  


Dr Adams’ research interests focus on the development and standardization of test methods for both composites and sandwich composite.  He has received externally-funded research contracts from a variety of government agency and private industry sources to develop both standardized and specialized composite test methods.  Dr. Adams and his students developed the V-Notched Rail Shear Test, ASTM D 7078, standardized in 2005.  He currently has five different composite test method development activities ongoing:  Mode I and Mode II fracture mechanics test method for sandwich composites; Combined Loading Shear (CLS) test for composite laminates; Compression-After-Impact (CAI) test method for sandwich composites; adhesives durability test method for bonded composites; and flat-coupon crashworthiness/energy absorption test method for composite laminates.